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Beautiful, Functional Art

Functional Art - Metal Conference Table

All Hand Crafted And Designed

I believe that everything I create has a purpose. I specialize in creating functional art, something beautiful to behold, but also something that has a specific function. This conference table was designed to fit this room perfectly. Paired with two reclaimed logs to accent the room.

Reclaimed From Nature

Every piece of art that comes out of Clyde “Houdini” Behunins’ shop is completetly unique and unreplicable. Clyde hand selects each and every piece from nature, taking something that is dying, dead, old, and giving it a completely new life and purpose.

Reclaimed Wood Sculpture

Its All In The Details

The amount of detail in each of Clydes’ pieces is unreal. Driven by inspiration and imagination, Clyde leaves a piece of himself with each and every art piece.

Wooden log and sword
Resin Pours
Reclaimed Wood Mirror Frame

Based In Southern Utah

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