“The Warrior”


After meeting Justin and Jeremy in their office around a month ago, I knew almost instantly they were the ones for the job to help Natures Good Bones succeed in whatever realm that means.

After some preliminary mumbo jumbo, I found myself in the truck with Justin heading out into my heaven. The great outdoors!!! I noticed right off the bat how mature this 23-year-old man was. I was impressed with everything he brought to the table. We talked about hiking, Southern Utah, and Trucks. Justin was an all American dude. I knew I was in the right place.
After getting to altitude I drove a short distance up a road that was very familiar to me. I know the location well and had a good idea of where to find our treasure. We turned off the main road and drove about 50 yards. I then hiked about 100 yards until we unanimously knew this was our log.
After a short courting affair, I finally initiated some strong male traits and got this PIG into the truck.
After getting the beast back to the shop I was able to start dissecting the situation. It needed lots of cleaning and soft love taps. However, in the first 3 days, I got most of the big improvements done. Then I totally lost the vision. It took weeks to piece together the small details. Possibly because of my weaknesses or just the complex detail laid out before me. But with patience and long-suffering. THIS!!!! Became something magical. And something I didn’t or couldn’t do. EVER AGAIN. Holding hands with the Master!!!! WOW!!!

Hiking for a tree
The Chosen Tree
Cutting Down Dead Tree
Carrying Away Dead Log
Finishing Wood log Sculpture
Elons Prayer
have fought a hard battle
I have taken many many lives
I have buried my brothers
And watched Grown men Cry
Although the battle is now over
My heart beat hasn’t stopped
I pray you- Lord It’s a miracle that I may live on more!
I wasn’t the fastest, my courage soon failed
But the wings of all your Angels were mighty in my Prevail!
My God, YOU have saved ME!
My God, You have given me LIFE!
My God, My Father, My Teacher…
I am Thankful to be ALIVE!
Completed Log and Sword Sculpture

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