Clyde “Houdini” Behunin

The Man Behind The Art

Natures Good Bones is the brain child of Clyde “Houdini” Behunin. Pulling inspiration from many sources such as God, nature, and the nearby Zion National Park, which his Grandfather named. Clyde has a unique eye for creating functional, gorgeous pieces of art out of things that others would overlook.

I’ve spent my entire life preparing to do this in one shape or another. Natures Good Bones is a small slice of the river of inspiration I process everyday. The artwork that comes out of my shop is ONE OF A KIND. Each piece layered together with some of Natures most beautiful works of art. I’m just the guy at the end of the conveyor belt. Most of the work was done by our creator. With his hands doing the heavy lifting it’s easy for me to capture the vision and give it a little shimmer and shine. Creating some truly inspired WORKS OF ART”

Clyde “Houdini” Behunin

“I was born in Richfield, Utah back in  the spring of ’79. Yes I turned 40 this year! I’m married to a beautiful, strong, loving, wild and genuine lady named Christie. She was born and raised in Price, Utah. I was raised in Torrey, Utah for the most part. Except I did spend 3rd, 4th, 5th and 6th grade living in Price and Helper, Utah and a couple short stints in Saint George, Utah. I have 3 beautiful children. Myler Clyde Behunin (age 10), Halen Hacker Behunin (age 6) and Kaylor Kel Behunin (age 5). We share time with these wonderful lights of sunshine. They are blessed enough to have two beautiful, warm and dog filled homes to spend their childhoods. I have never had a hand or eye for art in my life. Until around March of 2019. Then some out of this world things began to happen to me and everything changed. It’s like the inspiration NEVER turns off now. I find that is the only thing different from a good and an AMAZING artist, is the Amazing artist has a clean, detailed vision of what exactly he or she wants do do with a specific project. I feel at times that I have been blessed with 3D vision or something. Being able to see the “Good Bones” that are walked over by everyone else.”

Open your mind, relax your heart, and come “FIND” the magic hidden inside Natures GOOD Bones!

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